Warming up face masks before use, better than using them cold?

July 21, 2017

Warming up face masks before use, better than using them cold?

Probably most of us are used to making cold packs on the skin of the face. Home-made or super branded, we use them at room temperature or we put them in the fridge before applying.  "Warming up the product before use gives a 10 times better result!". "Whaaaat ?!". A female forum user has expressed her amazement for the incredible results achieved.

Until now, we all believed that our masks should remain in the refrigerator hours before being effective. But hearing this, we're wrong.

"Hot water and steam soften the outer layer of the skin 'Epidermis and dilate the blood vessels so as to improve the distribution of oxygen and nutrients.' said Joshua Zeichner Director of Cosmetic and Dermatology Research in New York.

So, applying a facial product to mild temperatures helps improve the absorption of the active ingredient.  

 Dr. Zeichner's only point is this: "Do not overheat the products, neither the heaters or the bubbling water, otherwise they may evaporate the nutrients contained in the masks. Heat them with the old rubbing method in your hands the best way". The same applies to cold: "Never keep a face product in the fridge for more than 20 minutes, even cold can damage active ingredients. And above all too high or too low temperatures have a traumatic impact on the skin.".

Thank you Dr. Zeichner we will definitely try it out!